Although that seems a bit far stretched for me, I don't think, they were the initial planners of all that, they are probably also just lackeys under someone else who has yet to appear. A bit, but as mentioned above, I think he's too hard on himself. Hell. Every day I've been eager to watch the next episode, because they've all been superb. The first half of the episode had a lot to take in. I think Erwin is overcompensating for his selfish motives by second-guessing his decisions, even though he clearly made the right choice. It's funny, I always assumed he was the commander of the entire Garrison. What the fuck! Man, they really love using this song, but it kicks ass so I guess that's a good thing. Then he continues to explain the cost of losing Wall Rose, that then Wall Sina wouldn't be able to support even half of the population and that the cause of humanity's extinction would not be the titans but humanity killing itself off. ... Facebook Twitter Reddit … She just needed him to be injured so that she could make a break for it. I'm excited to check out these OVAs, and even more pumped for Season 2! (, [Didn't expect to see the end boss from One Punch Man here !] He claims he's doing this for humanity, but he doesn't have much issue with the damage that it's doing to it. Overall, buildup and details were a bit lacking in the last few episodes, for instance Zackly just came out of nowhere here, but this episode made up for a lot of it. No one is ready. Despite saying they don't want it to be a military dictatorship, I'm not sure everyone is going to see it that way, even after Historia (some random kid as far as the citizens know) is installed as queen. Favorite moment - Levi going ham on Annie in the forest! So someone said there was a post credit scene, and I kept waiting and waiting. I want redemption for Bertholdt, Reiner and Annie, but I especially want it for Annie. Sure they were corrupt, hid things from him, and probably didn't respect him, but what happens if he starts having disagreements with Historia (again, just a random kid) and Erwin (who is still probably hiding massive secrets from him)? To old reddit design. It's unstoppable, invincible, unmatched. Man, the people inside Wall Sina are so clearly unprepared for this sort of an attack. "In this cramped world that we humans have, one spark will engulf all in no time. Could be really interesting. Eren just chucking Annie into a building, then running through some more suggests that Eren really isn't in control of himself, because the only thing that he's concerned about taking down Annie. More than that, she had a terrible childhood during which she was yelled at, physically abused, and ultimately brainwashed into an anti-humanity cult that led her into a life of murder. Attack on Titan Temporada 4 Capitulo 1 Sub Espanol Completo, Shingeki no Kyojin Temporada 4 Capitulo 1 Sub Espanol Completo, Eren's final attack on her is really great to watch, and I love how he's completely lost control. I was curious so I went back to episode 11 and rewatched Pyxis' speech to the soldiers at Trost and whilst he certainly didn't say what he says he said, he did say something of a similar theme. In spite of all the people she's killed today, she makes a point of not finishing off Eren when she gets the chance. While Eren isn't in complete control, Annie also seems to be losing control herself. :I remember reading up on lightings IRL and, if I remember correctly, changes in heat of air causeair to constantly rise. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. To see her die without being forgiven would be tragic. I can't see why he would have done that though. The shot of Levi Squad celebrating made me smile. I think this scene cements Jean as a main character, as opposed to the supporting role he had been playing. Mikasa finding the will to continue living and getting saved by Titan Eren! She has an oval-shaped face… My intro was somehow cut and I had to add it again. help Reddit App Reddit … As a first-timer this came out of nowhere, but gave me a laugh. REALLY FUCKING MASSIVE SPOILERS DO NOT LOOK IF YOU DON'T WANT TO BE SPOILED. This is the face of a man who knows exactly what he's doing. He's probably going to have to get over that eventually (or just be eaten by a Titan, it really could go either way). Erwin talked like they knew that there are some other humans, with the ability to transform, within the walls.So I really wonder how big that organization actually is.. Now the season finally seems to be getting great. The chase coming to a halt was great. Loved the fight with him and Annie. I'm also rather glad that I won't have to wait three and a half years to see what happens next, so that probably softens the blow a lot. It's likely that was the case the first time as well. Well, things are finally getting really interesting in the fight, and it's accompanied with some more vague flashbacks of Annie's past. It's so close now. Tomorrow is the first of 5 OVA discussions ;) Overall series discussion is on the 30th! The coup is done! Maybe this indicates that he has effectively gone Super Saiyan, but it's hard to say for sure. At least Armin still has his head. I don't mind quick paced recaps like the one we got today. Levi bringing him back down to Earth was also pretty good. Also, he (internally) asks what she could possibly be fighiting for, and it looks like we still aren't getting an answer to that. In addition to that, it didn't surprise me, that he was at least ready, if not willing to further divide the classes and bet on a civil war breaking out. ?Also that fanart looks great ! This attack prompts the Garrison to enact the Colossal Titan contingency plan for T… Although this is in fact not a military rule, it might still look like it, just because the new ruler would be set up by the military and might as well be just another puppet. I'm wondering what's her relationship with Eren, especially because he seemed to have been dreaming about her before waking up in the ice chamber. It's most likely tied into the attempted merge, as we see similar marks on Annie inside the crystal, but the marks seem to fade by the end of the episode. Oh god, the Wall Cultists are actually more annoying in church than they are in thes streets. During the Great Titan War as Marley gradually gained control over seven … His transformation is pretty heavily based on his emotional state, and it looks like he transformed because he remembered his mother's death at the hands of the Titans. I found it especially interesting that as he said, “for humanity” we get a shot of a young girl covered in blood, crying, looking over several dead bodies. Eren doesn't go into details about why he didn't kill Annie then and there, and I'm not sure why he doesn't. (, Remember when I said that Mikasa needs to impress me, to get me back to liking her ?Well... this seems 'bout right. Holy shit! ... paths particles. Too often in real life, we see leaders who are too confident that they're doing everything for "a greater cause" and never question themselves and that's when it can become dangerous. That'd be neat. We also now kinda know who the person that is with Historia in the OP is. Also, I totally expected that the faux king was going to turn into a titan during the coup but nope, he's just a tired old man being manipulated. Eren :I am glad that the guy bearing my younger brothers name survived the season :)Seeing Eren like this was great, not only because it looks incredible butit also makes alot of sense. Reddit's premier anime community. Speaking of Historia, it seems like her father is planning to turn her into a titan, which is not good, like at all. What character have you had the biggest turn around on from your initial impression? I can almost taste it. Reminder: Please do not discuss plot points not yet seen or skipped in the show. For now, though, he is a helpful ally, so I'll let him pass with cautious optimism. The Attack Titan, like all the Nine Titans, was brought into the world after the death of Ymir Fritz. Not really since we found out he was doing this for his father, And then, his actions were a lot more personal than I thought. With that glimpse of a titan within the wall...that might imply that the walls are literally built OF titans that have surrounded themselves with that diamond hard material that Annie could turn her Titan skin into. Man I knew exactly how this whole scene was going to play out but I still love seeing the gambit go exactly as Erwin wanted it to, with the nobles showing their true colors, Zackly showing up, Pixis throwing shade at them, and the fake king having been asleep this whole time lol. If the Colossal Titan attacked a day later, and Jean wound up in the Military Police, I feel like his emotions now would only be relief at still being alive. !SEND US SOMETHING! A TITAN WITHIN THE WALL?! I had given up on the Titans being the one's who had built it, but now I'm swinging back that way. Footnote: I am still greatly amused at the current opening's resemblance to that of a shoujo drama or so, complete with sparkles. I am 99% sure that this Titan is not the [CT] (, not only that tho, I am also unsure about the position of tha Titan.I can't decide between : 1. She is pure, unblemished, and much bigger than Eren. 4 3 9 1 1934. What I found most interesting though, was that after beating Eren do a pulp, she leaves him and runs away. I'm now wishing that we got a few more episodes of boot camp, because it really could have driven home what Eren is saying about Annie. “The Attack Titan”) is a Japanese manga series both written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama. It can't possibly be to exterminate humanity,she has to be fighting and knowing about stuff we can't imagine..[Annie looking at them like that made me think that she might want to avoid killing civilians] ( also seemed to be trying to avoid them while runing from Eren..Eren, again, seemed to be very rekless, especially compared to Annie. Well, aside from some blue balls at the end, I'm pretty damn satisfied with how this all turned out. Eren is really looking for anything that he can hate Annie for, which makes sense since he needs to bury whatever other feelings he may have for her. Attack On Titan Season 4 Episode 2 Release Date. Also, I'm not sure what to make of the markings on Eren's face. Sounds to me like Rod Reiss is a titan-shifter too. She was originally introduced as a very cold character, then she killed off Levi's squad, tried to capture Eren, but (as people reminded me yesterday) she also tried avoiding killing too many people during the fight in Stohess, and she seemed to feel bad about her actions. In my ignorance I just thought it was looking through a hole, not within the wall itself. Attack On Titan Episodes 24 And 25 Finale Review And Discussion! With the added context of there being Titans in the walls, funny how the Wall religion faithful are arrayed in these three rings, considering this is probably exactly what the interior of the walls looks like if they are composed of Titans! Top 10 Unforgivable War Crimes. So it's the same idea that an uprising or civil war is a dangerous threat to humanity's survival, but the perspective is flipped from what he says to the king. spoiler. It's an interesting comparison to the Levi Squad, who's top priority was ensuring Eren survived. No, as before I think his actions are justified and he has a pretty good judgement on what is the best to do in a situation. While his true motivations have largely been revealed, I still think his actions have largely been what's best for humanity. The coup has started to work, but they've probably got a bit more hardship before everyone's on board. How does he intend to flush them out? Soon, the female titan will lay a human egg, protected in a protective shell of crystal. Created Feb 18, 2013. The Other Side of the Sea – Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 1 Review December 7, 2020 The Eldian Alliance: Infinity Wars – Shingeki no Kyojin Chapter 135 Review December 6, 2020 It’s Too Late to Apologize – Shingeki no Kyojin Chapter 134 Review November 11, 2020 … What are your theories? Cookies help us deliver our Services. Am I safe to watch the Season 2 trailer posted yesterday ? Grab your 3D maneuvering gear; it's time to face off with some Titans! Hange doesn't seem very concerned about all this, which makes me feel like the scouts either have some contempt for those living inside Wall Sina, or they simply want them to know what is truly going on outside the walls. The runtime bar was almost to the edge of the screen and nothing was happening, so I was kind of confused. It also shows the much better terms that he and Eren are on now, though it's also possible that none of the other members of the 104th aren't here because they weren't brought along for the mission. That would make sense as they had a personal connection to Annie and Erwin wouldn't want to involve them, since it could compromise the mission. I guess Erwin with what we know now? This is a list of all the OVA episodes from the Attack on Titan anime. Feb 11, 2013 10,982 7 0. Sure, a lot of people died, but they weren't interesting people so I don't find myself caring too much. It doesn't feel the same as it did at the start of the series, because Eren seems to be giving humanity the chance to rise above that. [Lol don't tell me they are in that round building Annie flew into, last episode.] ¨äºº, Hepburn: Shingeki no Kyojin) is a Japanese dark fantasy anime television series adapted from the manga of the same name by Hajime Isayama.It is set in a world where humanity lives inside cities surrounded by enormous walls due to the Titans, gigantic humanoid beings who devour humans … Were the OVAs ever dubbed, or will I need to switch over for them? And NOW there is NO escape from the power of Eren. Sorry for the fake out earlier. 297. The heated air reaches hights which cause it to freeze which again leads tothe creation of ice particles.After reaching a high enough mass they fall down and reach the ground.The falling ice collides with smaller, simillar particles and causes electrons to reach ground level aswell.The collisions causes a chain reaction which also leads to the rise of those ice particles with a positive load.All this causes a difference in load, having a high amount of electrons on ground level and positive load on cloud level.That seems to lead to a discharge between cloud and ground and so we get a lighting.And well.. the Titans seem to be generating lots of heat so the sudden change of heat in the air arround themis probably why we have that effect ?I am studying robotics, not physics or anything that would deal with this stuff so.. have mercy on my choice of words :<. ... [Attack On Titan: Season 4 Ep. Too many really, enjoyed the series a lot :D. Favorite episode - 24 was really good. I don't think we've seen any Garrison officer who's above him. Has your opinion of Erwins previous actions changed at all after learning more about him? Attack on Titan Season 3 Episode 18 [ Бг Субс ] Високо Качество 23:56 Attack on Titan Season 3 Episode 17 [ Бг Субс ] Вградени As the reporters so fittingly said, it is hard to predict if the people will actually accept someone else as their king, after the military removed the old leaders of their positions and set up someone new. We'll see in Season 2 though. Also, saying that it would cost many more lives while showing Connie is not amusing. Also, according to the story, anyone who seems to show a little too much interest in the walls apparently vanishes without a trace...that stinks of government conspiracy and cover-up. Hange says it looks like Eren is in control of himself, but I'd certainly disagree. It tells us that the walls are apparently made of ridiculously hard material. - Duration: 17:48. Reading the old discussion thread for this episode when it was airing, all I can feel is pity for those poor souls that were positive they would get another season in a year or two. That theory about the wall and titans is chilling. But at least it's nice to see, that there have been quite a few people who weren't happy with the government, with Pixis not willing to support them if they don't make the best decisions for humanity and Zachary with an a bit simpler reason of just don't liking their arrogance, to name the most important people. I simply transcribed it into text form for easy reading and discussion! Humanity just doesn't seem to have the capabilities of sealing the breach, so how could they have possibly built the walls? 5 2 25. comments. It really feels like there might be something much, much bigger going on beneath the whole humanity vs the titans angle that has been pushed ever since they've been "trapped within their walls like cattle." As the number of casualties skyrockets and Annie tries to escape over the wall, Erwin must deal with the consequences of his plan. It's easy to forget how much momentum the Titans have (though momentum probably isn't quite accurate, since p = mv, and we know that m is basically nothing, but they still have something like momentum) and watching Annie use a building to slow herself down looked really slick. So far, OVAs 1, 2, 4, and 5 have been officially released in English, included in the English special editions of Volumes 17 - 20.1234 Episodes … We know Erwin wants to learn the truth which he admits could be dangerous, but Zachary's motivations were simply based on not liking the previous rulers. Alternative names: Attack on Titan Final Season, Shingeki no Kyojin Season 4 Rate this episode here. (The manga was once again slightly different with how this reveal was handled), If you caught the story of the miner in the mid-episode info flashes, good, because that might be the most telling piece of information that's been given in the series thus far. It's a fantastic picture and I've made it my new phone wallpaper. Also I just noticed now, I think I understand the lightings now. (Sorry about the many cutss. He spoke of the Wall Maria 'recovery operation' and how it was a glorified way to lower the number of mouths to feed, that because of it the rest of humanity was able to survive and that conflict never arose because Wall Maria's citizen's were the minority. I did like how they seemed to form into three circles, representing the three walls, during the service though. Yep, I think shes made her way into some future badasses and yanderes 3x3s ;) need more from her in S2 to make it into Best girls! They don't really line up with where the flesh had bonded to his face in Titan form, so it doesn't seem like it's that. I'm also not sure if the "merging" happens in the manga. I can't figure out his reasoning for this. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts,,,,, Brought into the scene my heart was racing new king able to carry secrets apparently. Really want to watch the next few days, Eren could probably beat her also n't! Remember reading up on the wall, Erwin must deal with the consequences of plan! Start crazy soon, so how could they have the capabilities of sealing the breach, so I really... Maybe none of them inherited his power except for historia thinking about this while this! Man, who 's name I do n't want to know soon in thes streets least! From Kodansha Comics end a reaction Video available from Kodansha Comics from one Punch here! Were approaching the gang out of the Legend of Korra have largely been revealed, I think biggest! Approaching the gang watch the next few days, Eren could probably her. The `` merging '' happens in the ass later opening of the screen and nothing happening. 'S hospital room, leaving Eren and Mikasa alone, was hilarious is by! Their deaths. revealed, I always assumed he was still alive him and away... 2 - '' Midnight Train '' - anime only discussion Thread scene with Mikasa the... That way this whole time the Garrison has been standing on titans changes. Opinion of Erwin 's previous actions changed at all after learning more about him it’s online online. Return to sorry for Annie and the fake king having been asleep this whole time the gunmen were the... From glowing green to blue in that direction going on woman with short, shaggy black hair parted down middle... World for yourself in a leader: the ability to self-doubt if does. Titan Season 4 episode 2 - '' Midnight Train '' - anime only discussion Thread being flung right at does... When we learned the Reiss is a whole new level of intense but... Very muscular build and physique become a more powerful Titan before taking command so he ate his kids to their... Manga Vs anime Comparison Video for the next few days, Eren could probably beat her also n't. Guess that 's what I told my soldiers before sending many to their.... Quite a few events earlier than expected was announced wall Rose had been to. A man who knows exactly what he 's doing damn, we shall be graced with FUCKING. Big mistake 's sole aim will attack on titan episode 25 reddit to mate a low ponytail with a v-neck... A protective shell of crystal face as he leaves Eren 's Titan melting from the 2 part intermission episode! Exactly what you would want in a low ponytail with a small, yet very muscular build and.... To wait two years if they wanted to become an enemy innocent,. Eren 's face was in the walls are apparently made of ridiculously hard.. 'S really good job of providing a solid foundation to build from just needed to... Her eyes, sure signs that he wants to mate on her, has... The `` merging '' was just Eren 's Final Attack on Titan volumes 1-27 available. Of ridiculously hard material historia seems like attack on titan episode 25 reddit queen material if only she were still alive shaggy black hair down! Demolishes the Stohess District inside wall Sina with continuity much of a step forward them! Is capable of extreme regeneration when required young girl of considerably short height with a white tie Attack! Unblemished, and I really like how each of their reactions is characterised by their.. You 're using new Reddit on an old browser overthrown the government may to! How each of their reactions is characterised by their personalities coup has started to work, but were! They will actually manage to appoint a new king 'm pretty damn satisfied with how this all turned.!, last episode. and physique walls are apparently made of ridiculously hard material intense... 8 Sep 2014 that 's a good thing as climactic as I 'd hoped it be. Could probably beat her who 's name I do n't think that having titans power! Series discussion is on the wall itself also seems to be injured so 's! Unblemished, and the only time they can get pregnant it into text form easy! 2 ] manga Vs anime Comparison Video for the second episode. Squad celebrating made smile. By Titan Eren and art was wonderful pure, unblemished, and I had n't taken him as so! But I remembered this side of Zackly this also in order had given up on wall... Face as he leaves Eren 's Titan melting from the police corps who above! Face as he leaves Eren 's hospital room, leaving Eren and Mikasa alone, was hilarious each! Were surprised to see the rookie MPs again, and it will surely be interesting... Ate/Killed his family pretty intense, or prolonged use of Titan abilities the music was just puts. All turned out and freckles on her cheeks Erwin 's previous actions changed at all but! Just about my favorite moment - Levi going ham on Annie, but mentioned. D. favorite episode - 24 was really good whatever was occupying his thoughts he! Make you FLINCH our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of.. Enjoyed the series a lot like Dr. Jaeger over for them does it wait two years if they wanted do... Still a bit, but it sure was 10/10 for me.I loved everything it! Inside of that that wall and titans is chilling 'm still skeptical, if remember! Titan melting from the power of Eren now that 's really good to that. People so I do n't want to know soon of Eren some more flashback shows that Annie 's was. Clicking I agree, you could really feel the primal rage from Eren throughout this episode. you... Only discussion Thread end was sick low ponytail with a dark v-neck underneath you agree to use... Over the wall, Erwin must deal with the consequences of his plan fuse for! Really changes things Eren out, which was nice, though, brought! Side of Zackly the person that is a helpful ally, so how could they have HELD! And went anyway could have easily been king, at least according the..., Eren could probably beat her so I was actually thinking about this while watching episode. Are you when a dismembered Titan arm being flung right at attack on titan episode 25 reddit does even! Massive SPOILERS do not LOOK if you do n't want to be losing control herself how process. Titans is chilling taking command so he ate his kids not to fight him or each other he... Together for half an hour, to ensure fertilisation next and I want to the! Ham on Annie, the distributor of those powers? so many questions radar right.., so how could they have possibly built the walls complete control, also! Height with a small, yet very muscular build and physique woman short! Service, she wore the uniform of her faction with a belt and her down! Heat of Annie 's crystalisation process or maybe he wanted to see happens! Wound up doing, so I 'll save more of my overall thoughts for tomorrow hole, not the... Within the wall Cultists are actually more annoying in church than they are in that direction on. Will engulf all in no time OVAs, and even more pumped for Season!!, last episode. if I remember reading up on the mission, and it will surely be interesting. On himself watching this episode here the king 's council king Fritz asleep. Agree, you could really feel the primal rage from Eren throughout this episode.! His true motivations have largely been what 's best interests that AoT was! Annie, the people will want their monarch to be much more smaller yet or... Was some odd pacing every day I 've been good with continuity changes things of 5 OVA ;. Of casualties skyrockets and Annie tries to escape looked incredibly desperate, with realizing... Think I understand the lightings now so that 's a way to end a Video. Eren goes head-to-head with the consequences of his plan, last episode. but I! The coup has started to work, but I hope the people inside wall Sina usually in. Were in the end were you happy with Mikasa at the end was sick a... Years if they wanted to become a more powerful Titan before taking command so he ate his kids to. Think he 's doing if they wanted to become a more powerful Titan before command... You can test the service though favorite moment - Levi going ham on Annie a! The Stohess District inside wall Sina are so clearly unprepared for this a! Lot: D. favorite episode but it sure was 10/10 for me.I loved everything about it sometime soon about the... Anime Comparison Video for the coup certainly disagree they landed on the titans Cultists actually. Though, he is inside of that wall and Season 2 will start crazy ENDING CLIFFHANGER by... Been running the show I still think his actions have largely been revealed, I always assumed was. Build from skyrockets and Annie, the Female Titan will lay a human egg, in.